6 Ways to Harness the Simple Power of Small Home Business Post It Notes

Running a home business isn’t easy. It takes a lot of grit, determination and sacrifice. So, any cheap tool or office supply that can be used to get you an upper hand is welcome. I have a method of using home business post it notes that I want to share with you, and hopefully it will resonate and help you organize and get your business going in the right direction.

Why Post It Notes?

There are a few reasons why post it notes might be the perfect business accessory you haven’t considered before now.

  • They are cheap. Post it notes are very affordable, only a few bucks for a pack of three different colors at most office supply stores or Walmart. You can also go bigger and get a 12 pack for $12.
  • They are versatile. Post it notes can be used for jotting quick notes or planning, as we will see. They are also adhesive so they will readily stick short term on walls, doors, windows, boards, computer monitors – pretty much anything.
  • They are plentiful. Post it notes are not hard to find nor source. You can easily find them at any office supply store, online, or at retailers like Walmart.
  • They can be recycled. Post It notes can be made from recycled materials and generally speaking are recyclable as well.
  • They force you to be succinct. There isn’t a lot of space on a post it note. So, you have to write down your idea quickly and in a few words. This can be used to your advantage, so you don’t get too detailed and bogged down when quickly going through ideas. (More about this soon!)

OK, I’m Intrigued. What is the Power Behind Home Business Post It Notes?

As mentioned above, post-it notes are versatile and cheap tools that can be incredibly helpful for organizing tasks, brainstorming ideas, and actually improving efficiency in your home business.

Visual Project Management

Create a visual project management board using a large wall or corkboard and different colored Post-it notes. Use different colors to represent different tasks or stages of a project. You can easily move them around as tasks progress or priorities change. This visual representation can help you stay on track and see the big picture of your projects at a glance.

The projects can be any size you want. They can be small (say, putting together an article) or larger – such as developing and launching a new product.

Daily or Weekly Short-Term Planners

Designate a space on your desk or wall for a Post-it note planner. Write your daily or weekly tasks on individual Post-it notes and stick them in the corresponding time slots. This allows for easy rearrangement of tasks as priorities shift throughout the day or week.

Idea Generation & Brainstorming

To me, this is where the notes shine and where most of mine go to.

When brainstorming new ideas or planning strategies, use different colored Post-it notes to jot down ideas, questions, or key points. You can then arrange and rearrange them to visualize connections and develop coherent plans. This method encourages creativity and allows for easy refinement of ideas.

You can easily refine them, throw them out altogether, and group similar ideas together. Then you can prioritize easily the ones you need to do first and fill in the gaps when needed. And as we stated above – there isn’t a lot of room on a note, so you really have to focus and get the words out quickly. Don’t spend too long on any one note or idea. Let the ideas flow – you can go through and toss out the ones that don’t fit later.

Yes – using post it notes is also how I came up with this article. 🙂

Here are the post it notes I used to create this article
Here are the post it notes I used to create this article, demonstrating how easy it is to use home business post it notes for a multitude of purposes. Notice how there aren’t any length phrases on any of them.

Creating a Customer Feedback Board

Customer feedback is the lifeblood of your business. If your customers are happy – then great. If not, it offers you an opportunity to improve.

Create a feedback board using Post-it notes to gather input from your customers with every touchpoint. If you have a physical location, provide different colored Post-it notes and pens near your product or service display. Encourage customers to write down their feedback, suggestions, or testimonials on the notes and stick them on the board. This can help you gather valuable insights for improving your offerings.

You can leverage a physical board with post it notes and encourage customers to leave feedback.

If you have a website, install a plugin to encourage people to provide feedback. Then transcribe that feedback onto post it notes and hang them in your home office. Keep it visible and top of mind. Then use the feedback to help prioritize future offerings and improvements in your services or product offerings.

Simple (Cheap) Inventory Management

Use color-coded Post-it notes to track inventory levels of your products. Assign a different color to each product category or SKU and write the quantity on the notes. Stick them on your inventory shelves or a designated board. As products are sold or restocked, you can easily update the quantities by adding, removing, or moving the home business post it notes.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Write down your short-term and long-term business goals on individual Post-it notes and place them on a designated wall or board. As you make progress towards each goal, move the corresponding Post-it note to a “completed” section. This visual representation of your goals and progress can serve as a motivating reminder of what you’re working towards and help you stay focused on achieving your objectives.

How Can Home Business Post It Notes Help You?

We’ve talked about 6 simple ways, but obviously you can experiment with what works for you. Any time office supplies like post it notes can be used to greater extent than just taking notes during a customer call, it is a welcome addition. Let me know if you use any home business post it notes ideas from this article and share some pictures!

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